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Tailor-made Hebrew lessons

We offer lessons for all levels in Tel Aviv and on-line.

All lessons are customized to fit your personality, goals and needs.

What is
"Tailor-made" Hebrew?

Holistic learning - after attentively identifying YOUR current Hebrew level, Hebres skills, Hebrew history (maybe traumas?), goals and needs,

we tailor our teaching methods to you, allowing you to maximize your learning experience;

Our teaching methods – create links with Israeli Hebrew speakers and integrate all aspects of Israeli culture including politics, history, music and pop culture;

We believe that learning Hebrew should be made using all senses, intuitions, and connections to your inner world and lifestyle, so you can build a path you can enjoyably walk in and easily use.

Ever Tried Tailor-made Hebrew?

Wish to learn more about our creative methods and plan options?

Thanks for submitting! We will contact you ASAP!

Student Reviews

Jenna Romano

Jenna Romano

I cannot recommend Mekome enough! Its philosophy towards learning Hebrew really teaches you how to think in Hebrew, so it's much more than just memorizing words and verbs. I am speaking better than I ever imagined, improving my skills and feeling more immersed in Israeli culture and structure of the language itself. Customized lessons plans allow me to focus on the areas that I want to improve on the most. 

Tel Aviv

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