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Light and darkness may be subjective terms

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Hanukkah – all about chasing the darkness with lights. Lighting the darkness, filling ourselves with hope and belief – there are miracles.

But light and darkness may be subjective terms - depending on the inner world of the viewer, its hopes and beliefs.

"Mrs. Cutting Board and Mr. Rolling Pin" ("גברת קרש ומר מערוך") is probably one of the most known and played Israeli children's book. The story is usually being told and presented during the days of Hanukkah.

It is a classic innocent story about the preparations made for Hanukkah where we can meet different friends from our kitchen.

Is it?

The story ends with an open question, leaving the listener with something to think, ponder, guess and reflect upon.

If you come to think about it – the story seems to hold 2 colliding theories – the economic theory of Adam Smith and the social theory of Karl Marx. This is all in a small colorful children's book.

Does it? Was this the writer's true intention?

Our students will try to answer these questions during this Hanukkah.

And to the rest of the world - we wish you to have days full of light (אור) and hope (תקווה).

Please remember - we each have a different point of view, affecting our decisions, understandings (and the way we learn languages…)

Happy Hanukkah !

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