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Self-taught Hebrew Courses

Short online self-taught courses, tackling specific linguistic topics with which many students feel uncomfortable..

The more you try, the more you’ll feel secure in trying!

These courses have major psychological power as they provide students with tools for conceptual understanding based on knowledge, contrary to memorizing through memory and intuition only.

Progress at your own pace

Free working materials and tools

Option to hand in your work and get our feedback

10% discount when scheduling online lesson

Our Courses

Hebrew Binyanim

We'll discuss Binyanim in Hebrew and how to use simple patterns in a conceptual-mathematical way.

This will help you to:

  1. Once and for all understand how the Hebrew verb system works;

  2. Gain a strong, clear, reliable collection of options you know how to use in any situation without question marks or the help of a dictionary

  3. Rely on knowledge (rather than memory);

  4. Be able to automatically conjugate and use new verbs and trust your intuition with no question marks, stress or giving up hope.

189 NIS  


You'll learn all about prepositions with a focus on making them a little less scary....

You will receive tools to help you use prepositions correctly, as well as tips on how to figure out what's right to say, including bonuses like correct conjugation, pronunciation, and fringe questions.


Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Improve your fluency - stop being a Hebrew student and start being a Hebrew speaker!

This will help you to:

  1. Identify your own personal obstacle - what is preventing you from moving forward;

  2. Learn variety of techniques and strategies to assist you in effectively managing the obstacle and gradually achieving success in overcoming it;

  3. Integrate new methods and thinking patterns into our daily lives;

  4. Gain motivation, reinforcement and strength.

99 NIS  

Our Courses
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