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Quiet days

ימים של שקט

I hate it that Israel have this reputation of a war zone… most of the time Israelis live and love and party like any other nation. Many Israelis scoff at this reputation and hold the belief that Israel is far more secure than the terrorism-plagued cities of Europe.

But no doubt – our reality is not normal.

This surrealist realty is not healthy of course. But it is also what makes the Israeli nature - being grateful and seizing the day, not taking for granted our peaceful days here – enjoying every sunset and every bite of Sabich.

MEKOme, Hebrew learning

No wonder many words describing fighting and guns are implemented in our slang and figure of speech, most times used to describe good and unique things.

Yep. Our PTSD doesn't make sense when used in everyday Hebrew:

פצצה - literally=bomb, slang=amazing

"וואו את נראית פצצה היום!" – "Wow you look amazing today!"

אש – literally=fire, slang=great, very good

"אחי המסיבה אש!" – "Bro, this is a great party!"

פגז – literally=shell, slang=wonderful, terrific

"האוכל פה פגז" – "The food in this place is wonderful"

טיל – literally=rocket,missile, slang=extremely good

"יש במדריד מוזיאונים טיל" - "There are extremely good museums in Madrid"

Wishing you all quiet days (ימים של שקט) and peace of mind.

May these quiet days (ימים של שקט/ ימים שקטים) be our routine and not just a goal, dream or desire we can hardly imagine.


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