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Spring is coming ? אביב הגיע

Updated: May 25, 2022

**Warning: contains brainwash**

Immediately after Purim (when the rain continues to drop), suddenly and mechanically, BOOM! we turn the clock.

And then, all at once, we are wired for the spring and the summer; suddenly, we remember that there is another option – late sunsets, flip flops and allergies.

In parallel to our minds opening to new possibilities, another gap opens between Purim and Passover – 2 holidays in which:

1. We eat dry and ugly items,

2. It’s merry and joyful, and

3. We tell (again) how other people tried to destroy us and how by a miracle, we were saved and got even stronger.

So now (after Purim and before Passover), our educational system has the opportunity to finally deal with something positive and full of light and hope - Spring is coming!:

instead of Haman the Wicked – Sunflowers blossom,

instead of the plague of the firstborn– we say goodbye to snails,

But! Like in every good story, we must have a wicked witch – spring songs!

We are talking about optimistic songs full of hope, even moving. They seem festive and innocent, but they camp inside your brain and won’t leave you until Rosh Hashanah. A true Trojan horse composed by the brightest brains to allow your heart to open to them and disable your mind from forgetting them. They are composed almost entirely from a repetition of the chorus, containing a weird tempo – either too slow or too fast, but always disturbing you to get a good night's sleep.

Yes spring songs are a bitter rival… and like everything in Israel, they are part of an all-in-one package – intimidating and exciting at once.

I wish you a happy, warm, and blossomy spring.

And yes – you won’t get away with some brainwashing – sorry, it’s part of it:

“How do we know that spring is coming?” - "?איך יודעים שבא אביב"

Listen to the song and find out all the answers!:

איך יודעים ש - how do we know that

בא אביב - spring is coming

מסתכלים סביב - we look around

ואם רואים - and if we see

ואם - and if

אז יודעים שבא אביב- then we know that spring is coming

איך יודעים שבא אביב?

מסתכלים סביב (סביב)

ואם רואים שאין עוד בוץ בשבילים

ואם רואים שנעלמו המעילים

ואם פרג וגם חרצית

לכבוד החג קישטו ארצי

אז יודעים (אז יודעים)

שבא אביב (שבא אביב)

אז יודעים שבא אביב,

אז יודעים שבא אביב.

איך יודעים שבא אביב?

מסתכלים סביב (סביב)

ואם רואים המון ידים חרוצות

נושאות סלים כבדים עם יין ומצות

ואם שרים "שמחה רבה" -

"אביב הגיע, פסח בא"

אז יודעים (אז יודעים)

שבא אביב (שבא אביב)

אז יודעים שבא אביב,

אז יודעים שבא אביב.


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