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Once we were slaves - עבדים היינו

MEKOme, Hebrew learning

Ironic. There is no other word I can think of when I wish to describe how my family and I mentioned this Pessach Eve while in quarantine. If there is one thing this pandemic taught me, is how we yearn to go back to our former lives – our everyday routine – kids walking to school, fighting with your boss at work, café, buses, the beach… as we say in Hebrew – "צרות טובות" – good troubles.

This thought was painfully clear to me when I found myself "celebrating" an intimate Pessach with my small family at our kitchen table. When my baby girl asked: "mommy, why are we celebrating Pessach?" it was so ironic to answer: "we are mentioning the importance of being free, my love. we must remember and not take freedom for granted"...

We may have neglected freedom, taking it for granted. We may have made ourselves slaves – "עבדים" to our lives – lives we are now yearning for…

Wishing you health and freedom – בריאות וחופש, or to be healthy and free – להיות בריאים וחופשיים, also adding some optimism and virus free hugs 😊


Some universal words you can also use in Hebrew and can help you describe what is happening:

אירוני – ironic

סוריאליסטי - surrealistic

רוטינה - routine

וירוס - virus

אופטימי – optimistic

פסימי - pessimistic


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