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יום הזכרון, הנצחה ויהונתן גפן Memorial day, commemoration and Yonatan Geffen

יום = Day

זכרון = Memory

יום הזכרון = Memorial day

Today is the official Memorial Day in Israel – a very complexed and painful 24 h for all Israelis regardless of their political stand or general agenda.

But I am not here to tell you about the pain, or the ZFIRA (צפירה).

I am here to say something about words related to these 3 root letters –נ.צ.ח:

הנצחה = Commemoration

ניצחון = Victory

לנצח (LE-NA-TZE-ACH)= To win

לנצח (LE-NE-TZACH)= Forever

מנצח = Winner

נצח = Eternity

נצח (second option) = Power, Existence

We all learn about famous historical battles in terms of winners and losers - who prevailed and who got destroyed.

My wish is to teach my children when the war started and how it ended. There are no winners only losers.

Today we remember the ones who paid with their lives and lost forever. But we also try to remember that war is a terrible thing – we will win once it (the war) will be over.

The next song was written by Yonatan Geffen (יהונתן גפן) who passed away this week. Geffen was a prominent Israeli author, poet, songwriter, journalist, satirist, and playwright. As a soldier, Geffen fought in the Six-Day War and Yom Kippur War. The harsh fighting in Yom Kippur as a young father affected Geffen tremendously. It was only years later could he admit that he was so traumatized by his experiences that he drinks whisky all day long to cope with life in Tel Aviv after the war.

Geffen always preached for peace and loved Hebrew.

Hebrew and peace can do well together (Shalom = Peace) and sometimes they conflict...

מקום לדאגה

מקום לדאגה

בקצה השמיים ובסוף המדבר

יש מקום רחוק מלא פרחי בר

מקום קטן, עלוב ומשוגע

מקום רחוק, מקום לדאגה.

אומרים שם מה שיקרה

וחושבים על כל מה שקרה.

אלוהים שם יושב ורואה

ושומר על כל מה שברא.

אסור לקטוף את פרחי הגן

אסור לקטוף את פרחי הגן

ודואג ודואג נורא.


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